FAQ and Care Instructions


FAQ and Care Instructions


All prices are in US dollars. As I ship world wide USD is the standard.

I am local to you may I drop off and oick up to save the shipping?

Although I am local to some of my customers I do not offer drop off and pickup. The reason for this is that I work from my home and for th privacy and safety of my family all orders re processed through the PO Box. I thank you for your understanding.

How long should my custom keepsake order take? 

You can expect your order to be completed 22-24 weeks from the time I receive your inclusion and payment. 

Where is A Mother's Blessed Keepsakes located?
I am located in Edmonton, Alberta but accept orders for keepsake jewelry worldwide.

Do you do custom orders not offered on your website?

Many factors determine the availability of custom pieces. It would be best to contact me directly if you wish to create something not offered. 

Are there any discounts for more than one item?

I do offer Group Orders:

1. 15% discount for the entire group

2. $25 flat rate shipping worldwide

3. Ten piece minimum.

Does temperature matter when sending breast milk for inclusion?

As the milk supplied is not for consumption it need not be chilled during shipping. Just follow the instructions provided on the website. 

What is the process used to create my keepsake? 
I use a variety of methods to prepare and preserve your inclusions for use. The processing of breast milk can take 10-12 weeks.  It is then crafted and set directly into the chosen setting. Other inclusions do not take as long but are handled in the same manner.

How much milk is needed for each piece?
I request about 1 ounce per piece. Please only send what is required. Extra milk will not be retained. 


Each keepsake is handcrafted and each person's inclusions are different. Special inclusions will have endless variations therefore no two pieces will ever be alike. All treasures will be as unique as each mother's milk is a different shade and consistency. Even the process of combining the resin, your milk and any chosen customization generates differences; ranging from small bubbles, swirling and inclusion placements...but this is why we love what we do, because this is what makes every piece truly unique and beautiful in its own right.
Due to the nature of handmade resin jewellery, you can occasionally find small air bubbles, slight variations in thickness or delicate a line from where it was cast in it's mold. Thus does not mean that great care has not been taken to ensure your jewellery is as beautiful as possible. There is no such thing as perfection in handmade and your piece will be completely unique.

Care Instructions: 

Sources of high heat can be detrimental to the life of your keepsake.  Long periods of direct heat such as sleeping with your pendant on, leaving it in direct sunlight or in a vehicle should be avoided. eat can cause resin to soften. 
Your keepsake jewelry is NOT waterproof. Care should be taken to remove them prior to, showering, swimming, washing dishes, etc. 
Resin is sensitive to chemicals. Contact with such routine items as cleaning solutions, perfumes, hairspray, hand sanitizer etc. should be avoided as well.
Be gentle with your keepsake. It is susceptible to scratches and can be broken under pressure just like other jewelry.
To clean your keepsake simply  buff with a soft cloth. If more is needed please contact me and I can recommend a mild cleaner you can purchase. Do so gently these items need to be treated with care like your grandmothers pearls. To polish there are a number of resin polishes available to achieve that professional shine.

Turn Around Time:
Quoted turnaround time is 22-24 weeks from the date that I receive your inclusion and full payment. Of course I will do everything I can to get these completed sooner. A message will be sent to you to advise that your piece is completed and confirm your shipping address. 
Excess breast milk will not be returned. Please do not send more than the required amounts. Please also do not send the last of your breast milk. Hold some back at home in case it is needed at a later date. Unused portion of breast milk will not be stored.